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About Us

Formula's lead developer has been designing trading algorithms for 20 years. He has core strategies still being traded today through a private investment group.


The name Formula Trading Systems is derived from a play on words as formula and algorithm are synonymous. Several years ago, after a buyout from a private equity group our developer paused his trading to become the CEO of a high-growth startup. Along the way, the developer's company got involved as did the developer in auto racing. It is the combination of the developers love and passion for both trading algorithm design and auto racing that brought about Formula Trading Systems. If you have a passion or interest in either trading or auto racing, please feel free to get in touch.  

Formula Trading Systems was launched in May 2020 to bring his previously unreleased trading algorithms to private traders. All of our results since then are real time and documented. We developed a unique approach of combining trading system algorithms from both index trading systems and trend trading systems across multiple markets.

Accompanying the release of Formula Trading Systems trading algorithms to the public, the developer initially started a tracking account using the Spa system portfolio., then took the profits from trading the initial strategy and started trading the full Austin portfolio.  

Formula Trading Systems has established relationships with auto trade brokers to implement any of our trading strategies for you.

Any questions that you have can be answered directly from our developer who will respond personally to any inquires. Also, our developer is happy to personally walk you through a demonstration of our strategies. In addition, all of our trading algorithms are available to be evaluated and monitored by prospective clients prior to a start of trading.

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