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2020 F1 Season Comes to a Close and Looks to 2021

The 2020 F1 season has now come to an end. The final race of the season was in Abu Dhabi last week with Max Verstappen driving for Red Bull, wining the final race of the 2020 season and Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes, taking the drivers championship and world title.

As we say goodbye to an exciting 2020 season, we can already anticipate next season. 2021 was to be a season of change for F1 with a big overhaul of the race cars. The car changes ended up being placed on hold until 2022 as F1 had its hands full and did a great job of giving us a 17 race season in a global pandemic landscape changed from Covid.

Instead 2021 will be a year of the driver change. In all, 7 of the 10 F1 teams will see driver changes, that is a lot of change. Only 3 teams are keeping their current driver lineup from 2020; Mercedes with Hamilton and Bottas, Alpha Romeo with Kimi and Giovinazzi, and Williams with Russell and Latifi.

3 new drivers will be taking seats, all the new drivers look to be coming up from F2, the biggest name being Schumacher going to one of the Haas seats. Then Fernando Alonso is making his return back to Formula 1 to Renault where he won both of his world titles in 2005, 2006.

Daniel Riccardo is moving from Renault to McLaren, Carlos Sainz is moving from McLaren to Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari to Racing Point, Sergio Perez from Racing Point to Red Bull. Red Bull is placing Alex Albon in reserve. Then Hass will be releasing Grosjean and Magnussen.

2021 certainly is shaping up to be an exciting F1 season. Red Bull is getting closer to Mercedes and with Perez joining Max Verstappen in the Red Bull driver lineup, it looks to be exciting as race strategy will be able to play more apart of the races with Red Bull being able to try and cover more of Mercedes race strategies.

F1 is hoping to put on 23 races next season which should be super exciting. March 2021 will see the first race of the season in Melbourne. It was earlier this year in March when the F1 season opening of 2020 was cancelled in Melbourne at the last minute due to the global pandemic. Let us hope that 2021 brings us anew with Melbourne as a hopeful telltale of positive change coming back to F1 and our world as a whole.

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