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Algorithmic Trading Results April 30, 2021

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Our algorithmic trading results through through April 30, 2021. Formula Trading Systems offers trading system algorithms for the futures and commodities markets. Trading system algorithm performance includes all of our automated trading algos. We offer four trading system algorithm levels that can be traded for our clients via auto trade. All of our trading system algorithms are traded real time and have verified live trading results which are published on a daily basis.

Spa Level I automated trading system algorithm. Our core trading algorithm is named Spa which is our base Level I trading algorithm. Our Spa trading algorithmic strategy follows the ES emini S&P 500. Typically Spa will average twenty trades per month. Spa is out of the market by the market close to reduce exposure.

All emini trading algorithm trades are fully automated. You simply choose how many contracts you wish to trade and open an account through our authorized auto trade broker.

2021 (through April 30) Verified Real Time Results for Spa, Level I Trading Algorithm.

$4,953.96 Return Per Contract Traded.

33.02% Return

Monaco Level II trading system algorithm. Our Monaco automated trading system algorithm follows the emini S&P 500 and gains additional diversification by also trading the gold using our proprietary gold futures trading algorithm.

All Monaco trades for the ES emini and gold are completely automated for our clients using our proprietary emini trading algorithm and gold trading algorithm.

2021 (through April 30) Verified Real Time Results for Monaco, Level II Trading System Algorithm.

$3,321.59 Return Per Contract Traded.

13.28% Return

Austin Level III trading system algorithm. Our Austin automated trading system algorithm adds further diversification for you by trading additional futures and commodities markets. At the foundation of Austin is the Level I Spa which follows the emini S&P 500. Then Level II Gold futures are added for initial additional diversification and next we expand our diversification by also using proprietary algorithmic trading for Copper, Soybeans, Cotton, Lean Hogs, Crude Oil, Sugar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen futures.

Austin trades are completely automated for you using our proprietary trading system algorithms.

2021 (through April 30) Verified Results for Austin, Level III Trading System Algorithm.

$31,290.41 Return Per Contract Traded.

62.58% Return

Austin Plus Level IV. Our Austin Plus trading algorithm builds on Austin Level III. Austin

Plus trades all of the futures markets combined from Spa Level I, Monaco Level II and Austin Level III. Once you get to Level IV we are trading all the markets in our portfolio. Level IV additional performance comes from introducing ratio trading to the Austin Plus portfolio. Simply put, Austin Plus is just like Austin, but is trading a 2x ratio of the ES emini S&P 500.

Austin Plus trades all the markets that Austin trades, then the ES emini simply trades 2x contracts. Austin Plus a a fully automated trading algorithm.

2021 (through April 30) Verified Results for Austin Plus, Level IV Trading System Algorithm.

$38,816.21 Return Per Contract Traded.

59.71% Return

All of our trading system algorithms are available for evaluation, you can monitor our real time returns on a daily basis. One of the most important elements in evaluating a trading system algorithm is to actually see the real time trading performance while you do your research. Transparency of trading system performance is of paramount importance.

Formula Trading Systems is available for your trading diversification. Our algorithms can be followed with account sizes as low as $15,000 and as high as $1,000,000 plus.

Feel free to contact us for a real time trading strategy evaluation and consultation. or call 888-862-6686.

We personally trade all of the markets that are clients trade and take all of the same trades.


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