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Austin and Austin Plus Trading Systems Now Available

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

We are pleased to announce the availability of our Austin and Austin Plus trading system strategies. Austin and Austin Plus are the most diversified of all of our trading approaches. Both strategies trade using our existing trading algorithms. The emini ES still plays a big roll in our trading system diversification and Austin takes full advantage of our Spa emini trading strategy. An added layer of diversification is added to Austin by also following our Mansell emini strategy along with our proven F-Trend trend following trading strategies. Austin and Austin Plus both follow the same 10 additional futures markets with our F-Trend trading algorithm.

Many of you may be familiar with our Silverstone and Le Mans portfolios. Austin was designed to take the best and most diversified markets and combined them into one optimum portfolio. One of the reasons Austin has replaced the Silverstone and Le Mans is that those portfolios where weighted with bonds and as this is a trend following strategy, the bonds have limited upside potential in a near zero interest rate environment.

Austin portfolio's follow six market sectors for the most robust diversification possible. Market sectors followed include the indices with the emini, metals with gold and copper, fuels with gas oil, grains with soybeans, meats with lean hogs, softs with cotton and sugar and currencies with Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen.

By combining all of the markets together we have achieved a fantastic risk/reward ratio. Austin can be traded with $50,000 per unit. The $50,000 is enough to cover historic max margins and historic max drawdown combined. The average back tested annual return for Austin is $55,000 on a $50,000 account for an 110% average annual return. Max drawdown is a very respectable 30% ($16,000). If one wanted a lower drawdown you could simply follow the Austin portfolio with more capital for a low percentage drawdown. With a $100,000 account, the per unit average return is still $55,000 and the max drawdown is still $16,000, giving you a 55% average return on a max drawdown of just 15%. This is way better than any typical stock or index market swing during a given year. See the Austin trading system trading signals.

Austin Plus is just like Austin, except Austin Plus is called Plus for a reason as it trades the emini with 2 contracts vs 1 contract in the regular Austin. Both systems follow the same ten additional markets with our F-Trend strategy; gold, copper, gas oil, soybeans, lean hogs, cotton, sugar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen. Austin Plus can be traded with a $65,000 account per unit. The average annual return for Austin Plus is 113% or $73,400. Max drawdown is a very respectable 29% or $19,000 per unit traded. For more conservative returns and a lower drawdown profile, simply fund Austin Plus with a larger per unit account size. Based on a $130,000 account for Austin Plus, the average dollar return is still $73,400 or a 56% return on $130,000 with a max drawdown of $19,000 or 15% max drawdown.

I personally trade the Austin on auto-trade which is the preferred method of trading our strategies. For information on our Austin and Austin Plus trading algorithm portfolios, please get in touch and we will be happy to show you our actual trades. In addition, you go on our website and request a demo, pricing and even a free evaluation of all of our trading system signals.

Good trading,

Team Formula


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