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ES Trading System Algorithm Performance August 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

August Recap ES , Gold and Trend Trading Performance Update

What a great trading month for Formula Trading Systems. August is typically a lack luster trading month. Good thing we didn’t take the trading month off. All of our futures trading system algorithms performed excellent for the month. We where in a bit of uncharted territories with the meteoric rise of the gold futures and an excellent record high in the ES futures.

August 2020 saw a great many ES trades for us. Our Spa trading system algorithm focuses on the emini. Spa saw a total of 39 trades for the month of August. We had 35 wining ES trades and 4 loses. Altogether Spa netted $7,082.50 per contract for the month of August trading the ES.

ES futures trades in August 2020. Automated trade signal generated by Spa trading system algorithm by
ES Trade Signals

Our Monaco gold trading system algorithm did not disappoint for August 2020 either. Monaco had a single gold trade for the month of August and it was a nice one. The Monaco gold futures trading algorithm captured $6,861.50 per gold contract after commission, this was a real and actual trade taken in our personal trading account. Since all of our trading system algorithms include the Spa emini, Monaco netted $13,944.00 for the month of August trading just the ES and gold futures contract.

Gold futures trade in August 2020. Automated trade signal generated by Monaco trading system algorithm by
Gold Futures Trade

Our Silverstone trading system algorithm performance builds on top of our Monaco trading system. Silverstone adds a further additional level of diversification to our futures trading. The Silverstone trading algorithm ended the month of August up $10,709.50.

Finally, our Le Mans diversified trading strategy added to its profits even further. Le Mans trades all of the markets in our other trading systems. It includes day trading the ES, trades gold and the additional markets of Silverstone, then add a total of 19 additional markets to cover trading a truly diversified trading approach. Le Mans has the benefit of trading fuels, grains, currencies, interest rates, indices and softs. Le Mans truly takes our trading to the next level. For the month of August Le Mans ended up with a net profit of $21,398.13 per contract.

Here is a silver trade signaled by Le Mans trading system algorithm for the month of August. This was over a full $2 move in the silver futures market. Each dollar move in silver is worth $5,000, this was over a $10,000 move per contract.

Silver futures trade in August 2020. Automated trade signal generated by Le Mans trading system algorithm by
Silver futures trade

If you would like to see any of our other trades for the month of August, simply get in touch. You can reach Formula Trading Systems at 888-862-6686 or email . We are happy to let you witness all of our trades while you get a feel for our trading systems. Our trading algorithms are designed to trade between $15,000 to over $1,000,000 account sizes.


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