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Blended Trading Method. Benefits of Combining Intra-Day and Trend Following.

Hopefully you have had a chance to examine our core trading algorithm approaches applying our F Trend, trend following  algorithm and our F1 and F2 intra-day S&P 500 e-mini strategies. Both of our trading approaches have their benefits to a variety of market environments.

My foray into the development of trend trading algorithms came to a foundation in 2001. It wasn’t until 2012 while I was implementing my initial ES strategies that I begin to see the real potential benefits of trading the strategies together as a combined portfolio of markets utilizing intra-day and trend following for a combined synergistic portfolio approach. 

By combining our F1 and F2 algorithms a synergy is gained and the trading system portfolio is referred to as “Spa” (notice a theme here). Then there is the option for another layer of portfolio diversification by combining our F1 and F2 emini strategies with our F Trend, trend following strategy.

When combining our intra-day e-mini strategies and F Trend, we add a 10 market F Trend portfolio and we are able to see how the strategies really complement each other.  See our trading system  reports. 

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits to the combined portfolios is that they are non-correlated. Many times, when one is doing well the other is just hanging in there or even pulling back a bit and vice versa. As such, the equity curve is smoothed, the returns are increased and the drawdowns are lowered overall.

Reports are here on our site and you can compare the strategies independently and with a variety of combined and synergistic portfolios. See below for links to our different combined portfolio options available with our algorithms.

Austin (E-mini and F Trend 10 Markets)

Austin Plus is (E-mini x 2 and F Trend 10 Markets)

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Trading is a passion of mine and I am happy to share what I am doing with Formula Trading Systems. I personally trade all of the algorithms offered and am happy to share my experiences. Also, you can schedule a demo and I can show you a lot more on how the systems work themselves and together.

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