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Intra-Day Trading Methods using Spa Algo for the ES

If you happened to read about our Trend Following “F Trend” method, you saw that I started developing trend trading algos back in 2001. It wasn’t until 2012 that I really started getting a knack for intra-day strategies for the S&P 500 emini on which the Spa e-mini intra-day algorithm is based.  


I initially started trading two different emini algos separately. However, after much time I began to see several synergies between the two different emini algos (even though they take different approaches to the market).

F1 Spa Trades

One goal in the completed design of the emini algos for the S&P 500 was to make sure not to carry any positions to a second trading day and certainly not over the weekend. The ES is extremely volatile at times and for our strategies, risk management is paramount. Always have a stop in the market and don’t carry the position an additional trading day.

F2 Spa Trades 

In addition, another key metric is how the F1 and F2 algorithmic components of the Spa trading system complement each other. Since, the algos are taking different approaches to the same market (S&P 500 emini), the beauty is that they are best traded at the same time, yet only one or the other will be in the market at a given time. The benefit is that only a single unit of margin is used when trading the F1 and F2 algorithms together in the trading system referred to as Spa.

Please reach out with any questions about the strategies or if you like, I can schedule a demo with you and you can see the trades they take.

Spa (e-mini ES) Trading System

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